Windows 10 VS Mac OSX – Hackintosh OS Performance Test

In this video I pit against each other the Windows 10 operating system and the Mac OSX El Capitan operating system on a dual boot Hackintosh system using a variety of Benchmarks and 3D render scene… Is Hackintosh even worth it?


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  1. This was more of an OpenGL vs DirectX comparement imho.

  2. Dual boot Windows – Linux to those who want jobs done.

  3. why dislikes? the video is really good.

  4. dual boot is best imo, even if it would be just Win10 for games and another Win10 for productivity 🙂
    hackintosh performance is severely influenced by proper clover setup, drivers and mac os version which might explain the small difference favouring Win10 in your test

  5. Has anyone want build a hackintosh inside a iMac shell

  6. Will quadro m4000 support hackintosh?

  7. You get final cut pro, sequel pro, bash, homebrew, spotlight, and sketch on macOS.

  8. Your video is stuttering like turrets.

  9. Dude your video stutters like hell…

  10. You showed nothing only peeptalk, Glibtalk gets you nowhere.

  11. Thank you. I always ask why mac or why hackintosh, Why not just windows 10 to get the job done!

  12. It's worth. Because you can install Windows 10 on hackintosh . DX isn't fair comparison for OpenGL, but it's there. It's one of graphic optimization in Windows. Even for simple task like surfing, minor video editing, audio engineering that you said will take most of performance from CPU, on the same hardware windows 10 can actually outperform mac os.

  13. How about the initial optimization that you have to do when you first install it?

  14. I think you've made a cool comparison, but I think you're comparing apples (lol) to oranges. The only reason people use mac is for the software. I went the hackintosh route because I enjoy apple's software, also I thought I might use the hardware for windows stuff too and got a better bargain. Unfortunately, I don't see apple going into the performance based market anytime soon.

  15. I don't think u get it. choosing mac over windows is not a hardware performance issue. its a user experience and software capability issue. I just cant be as productive with windows even if i want it and i gave it a try for several times now. the filesystem is so much smoother from a user perspective. you can move everything as u like it. beside of that windows 10 ui is still nasty af. and in my special case i just cant get over mail, calender and sketch. outlook et all is just a pain. but i have to admit windows has a lot of pros.

  16. I don't even know what your doing

  17. 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  18. Great video thanks

    Yes I am not surprised that win 10 goes a bit better on the same hardver.

    We just like the simplicity of MacOSX. Dual boot is great, you can work on Mac OS and than you can but up a Win 10 to kill a little 🙂

  19. PS : You do know that both OSs' are no more that intrusive spyware…..viewing you as no more than commoditized profit center?

  20. Is it worth it? Hackintoshing is not for the simple minded. It's a facinating hobby….if you like to be mentally stimulated.
    Whatever you can do on Windows, you can do on the Mac or in Linux.

  21. I have to call bullshit on this…… friend. Your in the tank for Billy gates and the boyz….Why the frick don't you just say so.
    I have been hacking since 2012…'s not about making windows look bad….it's about testing your wits against these giant CORPs' who think they own the world. Reverse engineering their shit….and making it work for cheap. That's the J-O-Y.

  22. 50th Subscriber bro !


  24. There's some stuttering in the video – was it due to the camera or the Hackintosh? Just curious and thanks for making it regardless

  25. Final Cut Pro x on windows?

  26. I wish OSX would utilize METAL API as the IOS does ;( also Vulcan API isn't heavily used quite yet… 🙁 OPENGL comparison to DX is not a good comparison.

  27. but you have an unix on hackintosh, for dev or programmer is more better

  28. Even on my Macbook Pro with Dual boot Windows-10 beats OS-X.

  29. do logic on windows 10 lol

  30. Great Video! I couldn't agree with you more, I have a similar setup but opted for a GTX 650 ti boost because It was nativly supported and I figure I didn't need that much on the graphics side for OSX. I find myself using Windows 10 more now and doing a lot more gaming so I'm currently saving up for one of the new Nvidia 10 series cards.

  31. If you could, test using Luxmark OpenCL on both systems? That would be a more useful test especially if you are using FCPX and Motion.

  32. Ахах, nvidia + mac = ужас

    Используйте clover bootloader

    для mac os лучше всего использовать AMD Radeon

  33. For me it´s definitely worth. I use Windows 10 to play games OSX to cut my videos with finalcut, and it´s fantastic!:)