Windows 8.1 vs OSX Mavericks

It’s been a busy October for operating systems, with Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 squaring off against Apple’s Mac OS X “Mavericks.” How do the two operating systems compare?

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  1. I prefer mac os x 10.9,10.10,10.11 and 10.12 and I wish l'll have a Mac book pro 0_o

  2. Windows is more easier and smarter than mac os x

  3. I like both but windows 8.1 has beautiful and well managed ui
    so i am with that

  4. I bet most people who praise Windows never tried a Mac

  5. Windows 8.1 is way batter then any OS available in market

  6. That movie makers intro though…


    APPLE: writing THE EXAM TEST, getting everything

    WINDOWS: COPING APPLE ( in the end, windows arrested, Bill gates started working with Apple )


  8. not having millions app=Mac
    More Productivity with Windows
    More bad+boring with Mac
    Windows 8.1 is the best OS!

  9. i love mac pc no cuse it's stuped= no viuers

  10. You can run all apps from Microsoft store on windows 8.1 desktop vs. You can not run apple store apps on mac OS X desktop. Therefore there is more value in buying a PC than a Mac.

  11. Mac is way better than windows but cost a lot more

  12. anyone who says macs are overpriced your dumb … just install mac operating system for your pc aka PERSONAL COMPUTER … fuck windows its boring .. install mac instead

  13. Windows 8 is annoying don't get me wrong Windows 7 is awesome but I just don't like Windows 8 Mavericks is awesome though

  14. osx for art design and video editing
    windows for gaming 
    so…. i prefer windows

  15. Window 8.1 why, because your not put a big dint in your bank account with Apple

  16. I hate having to use the Mac OS. It's just so user unfriendly

  17. I say if you are a gamer, you should use windows and if you are a worker, you should use macbook pro.

  18. i use both osx an windows i use osx for eveything a normal person does on a computer and i use windows for gaming it just depends on what you do on your computer 

  19. So, really I am on both sides..

    Mac- Really needed for design, and graphics work, basically a thing that professional graphical, recording, animation, Photoshopers use to make their products. 

    Windows- Work computers mainly, I use it, I prefer it a little bit more than mac for its user friendly interface and the fact that apple doesnt sell their software… 

  20. The biggest fans of windows 8? Apple

  21. I've been on windows since first owning a computer in 1997 with Windows 95.  So I've had that & Me, XP, & 7.  We got my wife a new computer with Windows 8 and we hate it.  She's a teacher and has no need for all the social networking & gaming bullshit that Microsoft talks about.  She needs a simple machine for Word, Excel, internet, scanning documents, & stuff. 

    Now I have gone over to the dark side and purchased a MacBook Pro.  I edit RAW photos in Lightroom and need RAM.  I'm slowly getting used to OS X and so far, I like it. 

  22. steve: apple doesn't get viruses.  bill: windows doesn't get cancer.

  23. Sonic Adventure soundtrack <3

  24. I used windows since I was a kid I used to it and Windows 8.1 is absolutely beautiful
    but I have seen a lot of people using mac so I tried to learn about it but its a little bit hard
    I don't know

  25. win 8.1 takes only 15 sec to boot with hdd


  27. Not OS "Eks" but rather OS "Ten" you dummy

  28. Not OS "Eks" but rather OS "Ten" you dummy

  29. I kind of stopped trusting Apple to produce any technology after I purchased 2 faulty iPod touches in a row. As for their computers, they simply don't have the kind of support PC has. This is coming from a gamer's perspective, and I understand that for work/video production purposes, Macs are great, but not even half of the games on Steam work on a Mac. 

  30. Windows 8.1 is simply amazing

  31. Windows 8.1 is simply amazing

  32. of course mac os x is best os in market now.

  33. I installed OSX Mavericks on my slow old computer….
    After I did that it was fast as hell O_O

  34. Woz and Jobs left Apple … Yosemite Sam took over.  I'll bet the folks at Apple feel a bit like the folks at GameAVision.  LOL!

  35. I can't be the only one who can't stand how rough the windows os (7 to 8.1) is?

    All the fighting with the drivers and hardware compatibility should be far away in the past.